A new generation and new communication tools. Also the Italian Mafia is using them. Where the old ‘Dons’ only used Pizzini’s, encrypted notes, the new generation of Mafia members make full?use of social media. They have Facebook pages, use likes to express their interests, boast about their activities and even provoke the police and justice department.

The Independent?and Telegraph?both wrote an article about Domenico Palazzotto (age 28, from Palermo) who is active on?Facebook, albeit under a false name, and publishes Selfies either relaxing?on his speedboat or eating lobster on a terrace.

Domenico Palazzotto, a Palermo mobster, has created a Facebook page under a false name, posted photos of himself cruising on motorboats, sitting down to sumptuous lobster and champagne dinners and riding in a limousine

Palazzotto liked?singer Kenny Loggins through Facebook but also a?TV series about the Mafia. He openly insulted the police and chats with a man who wants to join the organisation. Just send me a resume, Palazzotto worte. “We need to consider your criminal record. We do not take on people with clean records”.

Another mafia member wrote on his Facebook Wall that he is still ‘one of the small sharks’, but that “the time will come when I rise to the surface and will have no pity for anyone.”

Being this active online was unthinkable for the older generation, says a researcher on mafia matters. The new generation shows it all, because they want respect. “The problem is however that you become traceable?and can be arrested just?anywhere.”

The Mob boss became increasingly influential in Arenella, a neighborhood in Palermo, where he had reportedly helped in different extortion cases. Palazzotto was arrested last June as part of Operation Apocalypse, along with 94 others. The police hopes to (temporarily?)?stop?the election fraud, extortion and drug trafficking. But more important, they tried to stop with a merger with other clans. The nephew of Domenico, Gregorio (37) seemed to be an important link, issuing orders from prison. Gregorio also used Facebook to defame Mafia snitchers. He posted: “I am?not scared of handcuffs, but for people who are starting to ‘sing’ to get out.”

Sources: Independent, Telegraph,?CopsinCyberspace

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