Do you see something strange in your neighborhood and do you want others in the area to know that? An app has been launched in Las Vegas with the slogan:

“AlertNest: Know Your Nest And Alert The Rest”

“There are many community angels willing to help when they see these messages,” said Kep Sweeney, the CEO of the Las Vegas-based company. According to Weeney, the app up to the social website AlertNest is aimed at improving the safety in your neighborhood for you and your family. “People find this important because it combines three or four different applications that they are used to getting their information and this is an all-in-one solution,” Sweeney said. From active crimes to traffic incidents, the register of sex offenders and even community events; AlertNest helps with a variety of things around your home, workplace or school through the interactive map.

The messages on the site are not only made by the police, but also by residents, who are called ‘chirps’ (tsjilps). “My favorite part is showing the tsjilps,” says Randy Klenosky, a crime prevention specialist at the Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas. Klenosky worked with Sweeney on the development of AlertNest. As representative of LVMPD’s largest coverage area, Klenosky said the Northwest Area Command had a direct impact on the neighborhood guards that can now use AlertNest.

He says that last year alone, 88 percent of the crimes that police had to respond to occurred in areas where citizens communicated or reported little. “Criminals have been shown to avoid neighborhoods when neighbors are active and involved,” said Klenosky. “Involve your neighbors, we lack the social cohesion and connections that neighbors have with each other.This familiarity with your neighbors and what happens in your neighborhood can make it safer, because consciousness is the best form of crime prevention.”

From your home to the police station, or even your local media, including News 3, anyone can help according to Sweeney. The ultimate goal of AlertNest is to bring us together and improve our safety. “If you participate in your community, you will have a stronger community,” Sweeney said.

Las Vegas is the first city in the country to use AlertNest, but it will soon be rolled out in other states. The Las Vegas site and app are now available to sign up.

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