PageLines- icon-dna.pngSocialMediaDNA is a blog about social media and law enforcement. It is a blog for and by professionals. To share knowledge through this website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more channels (click the logo’s to get there). If?you want to know more about the online dimension of law enforcement and the effects of social media sleuthing, such as public order management, criminal investigations, prosecution, intelligence, emergency management?or communication: You’ll find it at SocialMediaDNA!

SocialMediaDNA describes real-life events and provides backgrounds of the impact that social media has on public safety and security. This website is open to any professional or amature detective that wants to examine this new digital world and comment on?it. An inivitation to those that share the same passion for the online case.

Who am I is an initiative of Arnout de Vries.


Arnout de Vries is a scientist and consultant in the field of social media and public safety at TNO. After studying industrial design engineering and innovation management, he already researched virtual communities at KPN Research (The largest Dutch Telco) before anyone had heard of it. From 2000 onwards, Arnout worked on mobile Internet innovations, the revolutionary developments of that time. In 2003, KPN Research moved to TNO. There he developed a broad vision of the role that IT plays in society. Along with brilliant?behavioral and organisational scientists and technicians Arnout puts his expert knowledge into practical applications. Or as he describes it himself: “online co-creation brings digital dialogue in the DNA of any organisation.”

In 2011 Arnout decided to launch a?new blog about?the impact of social media in law enforcement and criminal investigations: SocialMediaDNA.

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