UK Paedos Exposed?are a group of volunteers,?based in various locations throughout the UK. Collectively, they research and follow up on information they receive from various sources, in regards to convicted child sex offenders (Paedos) having an opportunity to blend back into societies once they have been convicted of their heinous crimes. They do not agree with the current policy of hiding these evil doers amongst us and placing them near our schools and children?s play areas. They believe that anytime any of these Paedos are caught and convicted, their photograph, as well as their name, should be published for everyone to see.

UK Paedos Exposed?only publish details of convcited child sex offenders?and do not support any form of vigilante action. Their aim is to bring awareness to everyone, about who really is living in that house, who is really looking after our kids, and so on. Their statement is clear: They do not want Paedos living amongst them.
Tired of reading newspaper articles where there is a name and a city or town of residence, but no photograph, they now choose to step in to identify them. Especially those who are still interacting with their children in one way or another. They want it to stop, and state that if their website and social media presence?serves to help stop it, then so be it.
Their?motto as it is stated on their website: ?Its about YOUR?children, MY?children, OUR CHILDREN?

Sources: UKPaedosExposed

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