RedPanicButton (iOS, Android) is offering accurate information to those who can help you, the Red Panic Button is basically a user centered Early Warning & Vulnerability Alert System (EWVAS), a one-to-many mode of communication, a uniquely developed mobile phone application that provides users with rapid connection to police, relatives and/or close persons and friends, or the emergency services relevant to their predicament.

The application enables users to push a central button and generate a security alert, activating immediate contact with various emergency services, providing instant details of location, as well as dialing emergency numbers and sending panic messages via a wide range of communication channels such as: SMS, e-mails and social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

In an emergency, information means survival.

Red Panic Button is your lifeline!

1. SMS Panic Message

By pressing the Red Panic Button on your mobile device, the phone sends the current position (in the form of a Google Maps link) and the current address to all the numbers found in the panic contact list.

2. E-mail Panic

This feature is similar to the SMS Panic Message. On iOS it sends additional information such as the local time at witch the position was taken from the GPS. A feature exclusive for Android is mail message and subject customization.

3. Twitter Panic

After the user has run the Twitter account setup from our application, at the push of the Red Panic Button a panic twitter message will be posted in real time for the user, including the current address and a Google Maps shortened link. Pressing the Twitter button from the main application window the user is taken to the Twitter activation screen where Twitter Panic can be enabled. After theEnable Panic Tweet button is pressed a new internet browser window will open asking the user to login into Twitter. After the login is succesful, the Connect your account? screen will appear asking the user to Allow or Deny Red Panic Button to access and update their data on Twitter. When the user allows the Red Panic Button account connection, the Panic Tweet is automatically enabled in the application. To disable this feature the user can press the Twitter button from the main application window and tap on Disable Panic Tweet.

4. Facebook Panic

This feature is similar to Twitter Panic with the panic message posted to the user’s wall.

TIP: Pressing “MENU button > Help” on any Android powered device will bring up help window
INFO: In iOS the Facebook Panic feature can be enabled trough the Panic Button In-App Store.

5. Address in message

In order to help users who receive panic messages sent from our application, we include the user’s latest acquired location address. In the Android Free version the current location address is not included in the panic messages. The Paid Android version and all the iOS versions include this feature.

6. Emergency dial

At the push of the Red Panic Button if Emergency Dial is enabled the phone dials the emergency number, while at the same time sending the panic messages via SMS, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook (if enabled). The emergency number can be customized.

7. Record voice

On an Android powered device if the user presses “Menu>Send mail” the device records for 10 seconds and attaches the sound file to an email message. After this the user is prompted to send the email message.
To enable the Record voice feature, it must be activated from “Menu>Preferences>Mail Settings”.

8. Quick SMS

When the Quick SMS feature is enabled, if the device could not get the current position, after 30 seconds it sends a quick SMS containing a customizable panic message.

9. Remote access

Any user that receives a Panic SMS message can get the latest position of the device that sent the message. All the user has to do is to reply at the SMS message with: “#!panic”. This command can be customized. If changed the new reply SMS should look like this: “#!new_custom_command”

10. Unlimited number of contacts

The Android Free version is limited at only one panic contact. The Paid Android version and the iOS version have an unlimited number of contacts. ”

11. International prefix

In order to use the Panic SMS feature when the user is in roaming, the phone numbers added to the Panic Contacts list must be properly formatted with the international prefix. The user has to choose the country of provenience for each number that is not properly formatted and the app does the rest.

12. Multiple sized widgets

We support the Android Widgets. These enable quick access to Red Panic Button through OneTouch Panic. The difference between widgets and the application shortcut is the number of steps needed to send the panic message. If the shortcut is pressed, you will be presented with the Red Panic Button interface where you have to press the red panic button. If the widget is pressed, panic button enters in OneTouch mode and sends the SMS Panicmessages automatically. Multiple sized widgets are available.

13. Dynamic ambient contrast

his feature makes use of the phone ambient light sensor to enhance application readability. If this feature is enabled it will automatically switch to the appropriate screen settings. These settings refer to background application color and on screen text.

14. Talk Back compatibility

Red Panic Button enables an accessibility service that speaks as you move around the screen. One such service is TalkBack, by the Eyes-Free Project. It comes preinstalled on many Android-powered devices, but it is also available for free from Android Market.

This service requires that you have a text-to-speech engine installed on your phone. You can verify if you have one installed in the Text-to-speech settings menu by selecting Listen to an example. If you do not hear anything spoken, install the required voice data by selecting Install voice data.

Once text-to-speech is functioning correctly, it is necessary to enable TalkBack (or another accessibility service) in the Accessibility settings menu. Enable both Accessibility and TalkBack. As you navigate about the device, you should now hear spoken feedback. You can now attempt to use our application as a blind user would. As you move around using only the directional controller, make sure that the spoken feedback you hear makes sense and is sufficient to navigate the application without any visual cues.

15. D-pad navigation

Red Panic Button can be easily run without a touchscreen, just by using the built in directional pad. All the components of the screen will properly highlight when they are selected.

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