Patrocinium Systems has just announced the launch of ArcAngel, a mobile app and clouding system that aims to bridge the gap between civilians and first responders in the event of a threat or emergency. ArcAngel?is a two-way communication system that uses GPS, data and sensor technology to allow people and police to react to emergencies in real time. Once the app has been alerted of an event, a push notification informs users of their threat level in relation to their immediate location.

Users of the app can send instant text communications to emergency contacts letting them know if they’re okay and directly notify first responders of their safety and precise location in an emergency. ArcAngel operates on cloud computing technology, reducing the burden on cellular networks that can jam up in an emergency. Once the app has been alerted of an event, a push notification informs users of their threat level in relation to their immediate location using integrated mapping software and Bluetooth technology. Police have the ability to target push notifications to others within an area to warn them of danger.

Another feature the app creates a virtual boundary representing an area of concern that can be placed anywhere in the world and initiated by an ArcAngel Operations Center or an approved end user for immediate information flow to ArcAngel’s customer base. ?A 24-hour command center is operated by former military and law enforcement.

The app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows for $4.99 per month.

ArcAngel creates immediate two-way notification during emergencies that provides real-time, robust information to authorities, and communicates with you so you understand what the threat is and how to stay safe.

In a crisis, ArcAngel also pushes information to let you know if you are near danger, prompting you to get out of harm?s way and even showing you the best route to predetermined safe zones. Whether keeping out of a tornado?s path or staying away from someone threatening violence, the mobile app lets you send out an alert, letting your loved ones know that you are ?okay? or ?not okay.? This tool for information management during a crisis gives parents, spouses and you something priceless: peace of mind.

The mobile app allows law enforcement and first responders to identify people and their location. It even sends a photo and other important information about you such as your address and physical limitations so they can quickly get you to safety. It does this in five seconds using GPS and beacon technology?up to nine times faster than current methods, which rely on triangulating cell tower signals. ArcAngel captures data on the total number of people in an affected area during a mass incident, and immediately sends the information to local law enforcement or other agencies, which use it to understand the situation and respond faster and more efficiently.

ArcAngel allows users to capture video and photos and upload them to supporting agencies within minutes. These can be critical sources of real-time intelligence as well as tools for future criminal investigations or, in the case of natural disasters, humanitarian needs assessments.

And you never have to worry if ArcAngel is ?on.? The application you see and use is just the tip of a global monitoring center that tracks potential threats and is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, across the globe. It works for you when you?re home or even if you?re halfway around the world.

Sources: Police One, Patrocinium,ArcAngelApp

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