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It?s not like you can ask your attacker to hold on a minute while you let someone know that you?re in danger. Watch Over Me?(iOS, Android) turns your device into emergency tool with just a shake. Even if your phone is locked, with one shake we turn on your phone?s alarm, and video camera, and send an alert to your emergency contacts.

Like your very own guardian angel, we will let you know when you enter a high-crime area. Watch Over Me adds safety ratings to streets with a technology that integrates official crime data, social data and information from other sources.

When you?re in a potentially vulnerable position, take these 3 simple steps:

  • Tell how long to watch over you for and we?ll track your location with our award-winning tracking service so you know you’re watched over.
  • Share some details if you like. Add notes, a picture, or even ask a close friend to keep an extra eye out for you while you?re on your journey.
  • Tell when you’re safe. If you don?t tap ?I?m Safe? before time runs out, your loved ones will get an alert. We?ll provide them with your exact location on a map and whatever pictures or videos you’ve uploaded.

Source: Watch Over Me

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