The autonomous Knightscope droid uses Predictive Policing software to know where it should be

Predictive Policing is nothing more than police operations based on predictions of crime. By crunching big data with sophisticated algorithms, the police will be able to predict crimes and be present at locations where the next incident is most likely. This publication describes the development of Predictive Policing and its underlying principles. Introducing Predictive Policing in law enforcement services and private security services may be inevitable, but also offers challenges and opportunities in the area of application, people and organisation, process, information and technology.


If Predictive Policing can predict when and where crime will occur, Prescriptive Policing can predict the effectiveness of a particular action by the police. That, perhaps, is the second holy grail everyone seeks. Even more so, it will require an integrated approach that combines purpose, process, information, technology and people and organisation. The publication therefore concludes
with a roadmap of four implementation levels for now and the future.

Or download the?full PDF here?for free.

Sources: TNO

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