CrimePush?(iOS, Android)?allow victims of human trafficking to upload evidence: photos, audio files, or text, as well as report crimes as they happen.

  • Distress messaging?- Allows users to send multiple, GPS-tagged distress messages with the push of a button to designated emergency contacts. An additional option allows users to trigger a siren to ward off attackers and to attract help.
  • Push back notification?? School or University authorities can now send Timely Warning Emergency Noti?cations straight to a student’s phone, alerting them of a gunman or emergency situation on campus.
  • Check-in? Allows users to notify family and friends when they have arrived at their destination safely, or if they are simply running late.
  • Crime reporting?? Allows users to report crimes ranging from vandalism to theft quickly, discretely, and efficiently. Providing authorities with clearer information direct from the scene of a crime. Report crime tips and threats with a simple user experience to make reporting crime easy and effective. With the ability to capture GPS embedded image, video, audio, and crime tip descriptions.
  • Shake Alert: Walking through an unfamiliar or dangerous environment? If a threat arises, shake your phone to prompt a 911 call. Additional features include a ?Safety box? loaded with essential safety tools like maps, a flashlight, and emergency contact numbers.

?”Providing crime tips and improving communication with police and the public is exactly what one smartphone application inventor is out to do.”
“It?s the first of its kind…iTunes just launched its newest and greatest app for smartphones…The New app is called CrimePush”
“The app also allows users to send video and pictures of crime to police.”
“Anything that engages the citizens of our community to participate in law enforcement and public safety is a good thing, so much information is at your fingertips and you’re able to do it so much quicker, why not support that realm,”
-Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker.
“Anything that would encourage citizens to make reports of crimes to police, we think is a good thing.”
Manchester Police Lieutenant Maureen Tessier
“If you have ever witnessed a crime, but were too scared to call 911 you may want to download a new Smartphone app?it?s a new way to fight crime with a push of a button.”
“In today?s world, everything is going mobile?why not crime prevention? CrimePush is giving local authorities a 21st century make-over when it comes to reporting and preventing crimes.

Sources: WEF,?CrimePush

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