The migrant problem in Calais is out of control. We can’t solve the entire problem; but together we can make a big difference. Drivers have got to look out for one another.

The Problem
Jeffrey Scott?had the idea for BF Intelligence whilst he attended a 2014 Innovate UK hosted event where the government challenged the industry to help them in the ‘detection of clandestines’. From the brief and the Q&A with the Border Force it was clear that they have a huge problem and are in need of an effective and fast method to detect illegal immigrants hidden inside vehicles in Calais; without slowing the flow of vehicles as they travel through the port (as the vehicles are most vulnerable to attack when they are stopped or travelling very slow).

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The Idea
He?had attended the meeting with the view of installing electronic equipment (such as CCTV) to vehicles, but two points that were raised changed my way of thinking. First?he heard a border officer say that sometimes the simplest things are the best and 2nd he said that drivers will sometimes tell them if they know that migrants are on board a vehicle in the queue nearby to them. He instantly came up with the idea for a standalone ‘Border Freight Intelligence’ software application (which would become ‘BF Intelligence’) and the development team have spent most of 2014 developing the idea and building this revolutionary platform that will put control back into the hands of drivers and freight transport operators.

Who is it for?
BF Intelligence’s target users are freight and haulage drivers, owners and transport managers; where the business uses the port of Calais. The system however has been designed and built to be very flexible and an effective solution for ‘Global Border Protection’, regardless of the country or vehicle being driven/ towed.


BF intelligence

Source: BF Intelligence

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