VizSAFE?is a social media platform that empowers ordinary citizens to play an active role in the well being of their communities by posting and sharing photos or videos from their smartphones. Today, with close to 2 billion smartphones in use worldwide, people are capturing compelling and valuable content in their communities. VizSAFE aggregates, maps and shares this content instantly with members of your community and first responders. VizSAFE is free to everyone, including citizens, municipalities and community service organizations.

For police agencies, VizSAFE eliminates the need for high cost silo-ed, community specific apps each with a confusing array of interfaces and functionality. With VizSAFE, organizations can simply leverage their existing social presence on Facebook and Twitter to drive citizen participation and at no cost to the organization or the public.

VizSAFE?members are good neighbors who care about the safety and well being of their family, friends and communities. At VizSAFE, they view safety broadly to include issues that people encounter everyday, such as a downed tree on a powerline, a flooded road or a stray animal. For more serious issues, VizSAFE is a tool to enable the public to share real-time visual information with first responders.

Because VizSAFE is two-way, law enforcement and public safety organizations can send notifications to the public to seek their assistance or to provide important safety information. These notifications can include photos or videos and are geolocated so alerts can be targeted to VizSAFE users in a specific area. VizSAFE has already partnered with several?organizations that have an interest in or responsibility for public safety. And we already know citizen engagement adds tremendous value to public safety, so give it a spin if your community seems ready for it.

Sources: iTunes, Google Play,?VizSAFE

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