Lookout performs its guard-dogging by sending information to its website and processing it there. While this saves on device memory and end-runs the need for most updates, it does incur minor data usage. The basic functions that the program covers are scanning programs and downloads for malware; scanning websites as you surf for phishing and other dangers; backing up your contacts, call log, and photos; helping you find a lost device and locking or erasing it if it was stolen; snapping ?thiefie? photos and sending them to you via email when certain events occur; and showing you which applications have access to your info on the phone.

lookout web1
You can locate your device from Lookout’s web portal with remarkable accuracy and lock, erase, or have it “scream” at you.?

Police in Oklahoma City are working to identify a man who may know something about a home burglary.?On New Year?s Eve, a woman called authorities after her home was burglarized and some of her belongings were stolen.?The items that were missing included a laptop computer, her cell phone, some prescription medication and her Pomeranian ?Brandon.??Fortunately, she was able to access her stolen phone through the app Lookout and take a picture of the person in possession of it.?Now, authorities are releasing the photo in hopes of finding the man in the picture.

Sources: Lookout, MyHighPlains

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