Protect your property from burglars – use this simple web app to run through our quick home security self-assessment and other interactive guides.

One in four burglaries are crimes of opportunity, where the burglar enters through an unlocked door or window – and you are ten times more likely to be burgled if you don’t have basic security – even something as simple as putting strong locks on your doors and windows will keep your house much safer.

BurglarProof offers quick, step-by-step guides to help you keep your home secure, including:

  • a comprehensive home security self-assessment tool,
  • a holiday checklist to give you peace of mind when you’re away from home,
  • video tips from North Yorkshire Police officers,
  • in-depth guides giving you professional, detailed advice on every aspect of home security.

Tom Stirling is the Digital Media Officer for North Yorkshire Police who developed the BurglarProof web app. He said:? “We developed the app in response to a number of burglaries at insecure properties, which have occurred during the recent spell of warm weather.

“The aim of the web app is to make checking your home’s security as easy as possible.

“At North Yorkshire Police we are taking advantage of the latest developments in technology, and using innovative ways of employing it, to help people prevent themselves becoming the victims of crime.

“The app has been developed at no cost to the force, so if only stops just one person from becoming a victim of crime, it has been a worthwhile effort.”

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Sweeting, said: “This app is a great way for people to ensure that their homes are as secure as possible.

“I urge people to download the app and take the security survey, to help secure their homes from thieves.”

burglarproof webapp

Source: North Yorkshire Police

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