In times fraught with an incessantly rising rate of crime, here especially in Delhi, it is the elder or senior citizens who suffer the most. Thefts, burglaries and on other occasions, outright abandonment by their own, the elderly straddle with life’s unforeseen challenges. And therefore the latest initiative by Delhi Police to step in and aid the elderly is a move that has nipped the air with a vibe of positivity. Here is what is the Delhi Police’s latest contribution to ensure safety of the elderly in the capital city.


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SOS button

Only those registered with the app (Android) ?shall have the facility of pressing an SOS button for an emergency call to directly connect with the senior citizens helpline ‘1291’. This further leads to the second and final step: An alert will be generated for the 24*7 control room which will monitor the location of the ‘distressed’ and affirmative action will be taken in the form of an automatic text message being generated for the area SHO, beat officer and a pre assigned contact’.

Sources: The Storypedia

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