The Welsh Police will receive a ‘whopping’ ? 837,000 pounds to build an app that?will support eye witness reports. The money comes from the British governmental innovation fund. Remarkably, the app will only support uploading audio and video at a crime scene for cops and not for citizens to use. In the modern day citizens can do this themselves (partly) with the Self Evident app. Still, better support, also for the agent is an improvement alltogether.

The idea of ??the police of?Gwent and South Wales seems?simple, but requires care in its development process. It will save them a lot of time and efforts during policing operations, and citizens?do not have to wait at the police desk, as the witness statements are recorded. The app works on mobile phones and tablets, and the witness statements will be uploaded to the data management system of the police immediately. In this way it will simplify reporting?back to?citizens?about?the status of the criminal case.

Ian Johnston, Crime Commissioner for Gwent, said: ?This project will enhance the quality of information and evidence obtained at crime scenes, allow Forces to share cross-border data quickly and enable officers and key partners in the community to have rapid access to key information which will save both time and money.?

Sources: BBC, WalesOnline

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