youtube-logo2YouTube is a website where users can publish movies and in return are exclusive multiplication and copyrights cedes. The slogan of this website is YouTube Broadcast Yourself. The uploader is the film of tags that allow a non-hierarchical classification possible. In February 2005, founded by three employees of PayPal and now owned by Google.

In July 2006 some 65,000 movies per day were put on this site and more than 100 million videos per day are viewed. More than a hundred hours of video are posted online every minute. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal in August 2006, the site had 6.1 million videos, which need a total storage capacity of approximately 45 terabytes.?In the Netherlands?YouTube is the second largest social media platform (after Facebook) with almost half of the population (8 million people) using it of which more than 1 million use it on a daily basis.?New artists owe their their growing popularity to?videos on YouTube. The Dutch artist Esm?e Denters is a good example: some record companies in the United States have contracted her because of the popularity of her videos on YouTube in 2007. And Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube too.

So far, the police regularly use YouTube to solve cases. Sometimes the perpetrators put themselves online in the videos. That happened to a sixteen year old boy from The Hague who shot from a balcony with a gas pistol. He nicknamed himself “The Hague Gangster” before putting the movie online on YouTube. The street, the porch and the front door on the film were enough for the police to trace the boy. The father complained before GeenStijl (Dutch film):

YouTube can also be useful in other ways. For example for tracing missing children. The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children put together a new YouTube video channel: Find Madeline Campaign?(

Law case or adoption?

Since its acquisition by Google more companies launched legal proceedings against the website, including the Premier League because of improper use of football coverage. Some companies, including the BBC, VEVO and Samsung just made contracts with YouTube to put shows on the website. This also applies to different music producers like Nuclear Blast, and Sony BMG. In addition, football clubs are also active on YouTube. Dutch teams Ajax and PSV have their own channel with videos of news surrounding the club. On 14 November 2006, YouTube was acquired by Google for an amount of $ 1.65 billion.

On March 8, 2007 YouTube was blocked in Thailand. Until now the reasons for the blocking is unclear but rumors are the negative films on the government are the main reason. The Thai Ministry of ICT regularly blocks websites and there are now tens of thousands of websites blocked. CNN and BBC websites as well as TV broadcasts are regularly blocked temporarily when there is negative news for the Thai government. As of August 30, 2007 YouTube was unblocked in Thailand, but countries like Iran, Pakistan and Brazil have also blocked the website in?one or more occasions. In China it is still blocked and YouTube has been inaccessible in Turkey for approximately four years because of videos that offended founder Mustafa Kemal. Nevertheless, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan made use of YouTube through a proxy, just like millions of other Turks do. The site was in the top 10 of most visited sites in Turkey. In 2011, the YouTube block in Turkey was lifted after President Abdullah Gul also pronounced to be against the blockade on Twitter. As of 2014 however the Twitter ban has again been active and subsequently undone by an international court. But that doesn’t stop the Turkish leaders…

Many organisations use YouTube to spread their message, ranging from Al Jazeera to the Dutch Royal House.?

A background film about YouTube

Mayor Opstelten speaks to young people via YouTube

“It’s over, basta. With these words Rotterdam mayor Ivo Opstelten spoke to the youth of his city. Not on television, nor at a meeting, but in a movie that can be seen on YouTube. In this way the mayor wants to give all tram vandals one last warning: stop throwing rubbish and behave in public transport. Otherwise you won’t be in the tram no more.

Robber of gas station caught with help of YouTube

Police have successfully used YouTube to arrest a suspect of robbing a gas station. Nearly 40,000 people watched the footage of the police placed on the site. Four tips came in all referring to the same suspect: a 27-year-old guy from Leiden. The police had already been using YouTube?for general information. It was the first time that a YouTube film was also used for crime investigations. The images of the gas station were not very clear, but according to a police spokeswoman people sometimes require little information if they know someone well. Due to the success of this case, the police will use YouTube for this purpose more often.

A safer YouTube

Wanna crate a safer Youtube for your kids? You can. Google writes some safety tips and recommends to turn YouTube into?Safety Mode.

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