Xpire is a free iPhone app that lets you schedule self-destructing tweets as well as Facebook and Tumblr posts. After all, a tweet along the lines of “I’m at the mall, what’s poppin’?” does not need to live on for future generations. Or even the next day.

After launching Xpire for the first time and connecting it to your social media profiles, tap the speech bubble button in the upper-right corner to open the compose window. When writing a post, you’ll see a character counter for tweets, a button to attach a photo, and a Friends button to select your Facebook audience.

With your post composed, tap the Next button to select how long until Xpire removes the post. You can schedule a post to stick around for one minute or up to one year, and there is also an option to have it last forever, should you get in the habit of using Xpire for both temporary and permanent posts. After selecting an expiration date, tap the Next button again and select which of your social media accounts to send it to.

Xpire offers a few other features for Twitter accounts. It will rate your Twitter profile, giving you a letter grade for the amount of potentially risky content you share on Twitter. There is also a button to delete all of your tweets, but if I’m reading it right, it’ll delete only your 3,200 most recent tweets because that’s the limit to what the app can crawl through. You can also view the tweets you have set to expire to see how much time is remaining on each and adjust the timing as necessary.

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Sources: CNET, GetXpire

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