In case of emergency this App immediately and silently alerts your personal network when you need it most.

There are times when you need instant assistance from family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. Whether you notice something suspicious nearby, you need urgent medical attention or in case of burglary or the threat of violence…..SOS4US (iOS, Android) comes to the rescue.

With SOS4US you use your smartphone to create personal networks of trusted people who can be alerted in case of emergency. The networks you create are linked to specific locations like neighbours at home, colleagues at work, fellow shop owners in your mall or street etc. The app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

One push of the button

If you notice something suspicious in the area simply describe the situation en send the SOS. The whole group can now be alert. If you are under any kind of threat or need medical assistance SOS4US notifies your network with just one push of the button. You will get an immediate response from your specific network. SOS4US also allows you to call the national emergency number. As you wait for the emergency service to arrive you can take comfort in the knowledge that people you trust are also on the way.


Knowing that one push of the button is enough to let people you trust come to your rescue boosts confidence, trust and a sense of security. SOS4US is useful for all kinds of communities. Whether it is a group of local shops, Neighbourhood Watch teams or safety professionals. SOS4US helps to keep the area safe. Together you?re strong!

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