An app from Microsoft India to prevent crimes against women. That will enable people to summon help within minutes and create effective deterrents against such crimes.?Guardian has a real-time tracking and intelligent SOS alert function, a call for help and recording the evidence of attack, this application helps to pose an effective deterrent to the perpetrators of these crimes, and to help fight against these injustices.

The app helps women in distress by alerting their friends, families as a standalone app, as well as it is available as an integrated solution for Police or security agencies who can monitor distress SOS calls and provide help through a portal.

Easy Set-upReal-time TrackingIntelligent SOS

Integrated Social MediaLocate BuddiesLocal Help

  • Real-time monitoring by Security agencies
  • Individuals can be tracked by respective organizations
  • Incident reporting like tease, ragging etc. along with evidence, saved in cloud
  • Security agencies can send Police/Medical Help when on SOS
  • Security agencies can assign Rescue Marshals


Sources: Guardian Portal

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