Sending photos via Snap Chat can be dangerous. And with the launch of the app Snap Save it just became a tad more dangerous to send embarrassing photos because it enables the recipients of ‘Snaps’?to keep them without notifying the sender.

Snapchatters opgepast!

Snap Chat is an application to send photos and videos?with a time limit for exposure. The app is incredibly popular; There are about 150 million messages exchanged daily via Snap Chat, and in the Netherlands Snap chat shares more photos daily than Facebook.

Populairity of Snapchat on Google (via Google Trends)

The remarkable new feature about Snapchat is that messages are only visible during a few seconds. You decide how long the receiver can look at your photo or video it before it is destroyed. This sounds perfect for sending confidential information, but it also sexting is lurking: a combination of sex and texting (sending text messages). In other words, sending erotic messages and nude photos to each other. This may ultimately have negative consequences, such as cyber bullying or even worse. Regardless of ethical and legal concerns, it is well known that Snap Chat owes its popularity to sexting,?even though the makers would like us to believe otherwise.

Snap Chat is not entirely safe: those with nimble fingers and quick reflexes can create a screenshot of a ‘Snap’. Normally the sender is notified of an image that is saved, but that won’t stop the trolls. Just search Google and large numbers of embarrassing Snap Chats are shown (NSFW). Also, there are already several sites devoted to ‘leaked’ Snap Chat photographs. Often revenge by an embittered ex seems to be at the grounds for duch behaviour.

But now there’s an app that captchures received Snap Chat-photos without notifying the sender. Those who were stopped by the warning message before, may now find it difficult to resist spreading the photos. In other words (and this is true for all personal information and pictures that you publish online): Think very carefully before you send a Snap Chat!

Snap Chat at some point could even be hacked to disable an iPhone, but hopefully it will be resolved quickly.

And finally, a ‘safety guide’ for parents about Snap Chat:

Snapchat kan zelfs gehackt worden waarmee een iPhone onbruikbaar wordt, maar hopelijk is dat snel opgelost.

Tenslotte nog een ‘safety guide’ voor ouders over snapchat:

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