911When Facebook was down in the USA, many people called 911. In New York, Los Angeles and other places Facebook was temporarily down and online users called on Tweitter with hashtag #facebookdown or #FML. But to be sure, they also called the police. But they used the 911 emergency number. There were so many people that called in, Sergeant Burton Brink, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, was forced to tweet that Facebook was no police matter. “Please do not call us about it being down, we do not know When FB will be back up!”

If vital infrastructures fail, such as water, phone lines or electricity, people are bound to call 911. But opinions differ on what is vital. In the past people have called 911 when television broadcasts went down. Then they also post about those incidents online on social media, whether traditional or modern media channels are out of order. So it might not be that much of a surpise so many people called. Americans get a lot of education about the famous number since childhood. But there’s an abundance of examples where funny or absurd phone calls where made and people sincerely believed that they were in distress.

Although police are not responsible for social media, they do have to use these digital channels every time to warn people and downsize the calls to these 911 lines. Law enforcement know by now that social media is?a force to reckon with. Facebook just tweeted that they worked hard and did theiur best in resolving the issue.

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