The?Canadian teenager Amanda Todd committed suicide in 2012 after posting a YouTube video detailing the harassment and bullying. The video was viewed over 17 million times since then:

This week?an arrest has been made in the Netherlands in the case of Amanda Todd who was blackmailed to expose herself in front of a webcam, Canadian police confirmed on Thursday.

According to Anonymous, they found out his name back in 2012 and put it on the Internet along with his address. According to the hacker group it was?a 32-year-old man who puts messages on child pornography sites. The man is now threatened on Facebook, Twitter and other websites. With messages like “sleep with one eye open.”

“We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget,” is the warning displayed in the video that exits with ‘Expect us.” Anonymous, voted by Time Magazine as ‘Most Influential People’ in 2012, supports the claim by leaks about both the birthdate and address on a

The leak links to the digital footprint with a Google map of his home address, posts on?a forum on child pornography and chat applications. Despite these suspicions, the local police suggests that there is still no hard evidence against the alleged perpetrator, and that rumors delay the investigation. “We have already received thousands of tips inside,” said Sergeant Peter Thiessen of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “We also recommend that people do not donate to sites that supposedly raise money in memory of Amanda.” concludes Thiessen, who certainly does not want to dismiss the Anonymous leak?as unfounded.

With the help of the information provided by Anonymous, CTV News was already looking for the guy who already stood trial for sexual sexual offenses against children. He told the station that he was indeed a friend of Amanda Todd, who he had met online through videos in which she sang, but that accusations to his address were not correct, and that he is not the one that picked on Amanda.?According to the suspect he had just offered his help because he is a “known hacker” says the Vancouver Sun. He would have passed information to the police about the true cyberbully of Amanda. He said it was a 26-year-old man who lives in New York and whose online alias is ‘Viper’. His mother already supports him, even though he is on trial for sexual assault on a minor. “Yes, he has his problems, as we all have,” said the mother to Postmedia News. But my son is not some crazy street scumbag who commits violence.”

And there was a Facebook group in 2012 that wanted to investigate trolls and haters on Internet. The goal of the Amanda Todd Reporting Team is clear: anyone who produces and spreads hatred against teenagers will be found and reported. “Facebook is doing nothing against it and we are tired of photos of Amanda with her bare breasts” says one of the members. “That’s why we ask our fans to forward this action and ask them where they stand.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Paulette Freill said now (in 2014) a suspect had been arrested in the Netherlands and charged with extortion, luring and criminal harassment and possession of child pornography for the purpose of distribution. Police did not release the name of the 35-year-old man and declined to release specifics of the case.?On the basis of materials seized, the detainee is also suspected of dozens of cases of online abuse in the Netherlands, the UK and the US, the Dutch newspaper Omroep Brabant reports.

Amanda Todd?brought the problem of cyber bullying to international attention?after she posted a video on YouTube in which she told her story with handwritten signs, describing how she was lured by a stranger to expose her breasts on a webcam.?The picture ended up on a Facebook page made by the stranger, to which her friends were added.?She was repeatedly bullied, despite changing schools, before finally killing herself weeks after posting the video. It has now been viewed more than 17m times.

“This is truly a day we have been waiting for,” said Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother. She wiped away tears as she thanked police.?Dutch prosecutors said they filed indecent assault and child pornography charges against the man. Lawyer Christian van Dijk earlier confirmed to the Associated Press that one of the charges against his client involved a 15-year-old girl from British Columbia.?The suspect, who has dual Dutch and Turkish nationality, has been in detention since he was arrested in January in a vacation house in the town of Oisterwijk. He lived alone.?Prosecutors first publicised his case after a preliminary hearing on Wednesday at which his detention was extended for three months.?”The suspicions against the man are that he approached underage girls via the internet and then seduced them into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam,” prosecutors said in a statement.

“He is suspected of subsequently pressurising them to participate in making new material.”?They noted the suspect is also thought to have blackmailed adult men in a somewhat similar way, by convincing them that he was an underage boy, inducing them to perform sexual acts on camera and then threatening to turn the images over to the police.?Van Dijk said he didn’t believe prosecutors had sufficient evidence to convict his client, and said that even if there was evidence of unlawful activity on his computer, it may have been hacked.?”Prosecutors seem to think they have a big fish here, but if I see the evidence, it’s not much,” he said. “Lots of references to IP addresses and such.”?Dutch prosecutors said they were co-operating with other national authorities, including the British.?Van Dijk said US and Norwegian authorities were also involved in the case.?He said no country had sought to have his client extradited, and so far he had entered no plea.?”He’s exercising his right to remain silent.” ?Carol Todd told?Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper?she believed others were involved in the abuse too.

In the investigation into suspected sex offender Aydin C. from Oisterwijk, the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) used keylogger software to patch together the case against the man who is suspected of seducing Canadian Amanda Todd, Nieuwsuur?reports. According to Nieuwsuur, who was able to see the criminal file, the software is being used by the OM to record what messages went from Aydin C. to his victims. The software also takes regular screenshots of webcam images and chat conversations.

This keylogger software is controversial. Professor of cyber security Bart Jacobs at Radboud University says that it is ?on the edge? of the law. ?To my knowledge this is the first time that the use of a keylogger is explicitly being admitted to. I?m wondering to what extent this fits into the current law?, the professor tells Nieuwsuur.

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