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ISIS Is Using Tumblr as a Newspaper Advice Column
ISIS (Daesh, ISIL, IS) has expanded its online social media campaign to new services and is now using Tumblr blogs as newspaper advice columns, where militants and new recruits can ask questions and get answers from a Daesh expert.

The terrorist group is famous for its efficiency in using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for the purpose of recruiting new members.

Besides social media accounts, the group also uses underground forums to organize operations, may them be on the Dark or Deep Web.

In the past, ISIS also used Telegram to provide operational support to members deployed around the world, for various topics, from weapons training to religious advice.

Now, after the main Telegram chat rooms used for those services were shut down following the Paris November 13 attacks, the group seems to have moved to Tumblr blogs.

Using Tumblr’s “Ask” feature to provide operational support

Since all Tumblr blogs come with the “Ask a question” feature that allows users to anonymously ask the blog owner something, ISIS specialists have each set up a Tumblr and are now waiting for questions on specific topics.

One of these blogs is Khilafah Medics, a simplistic and very ordinary-looking Tumblr blog where ISIS members can ask for assistance and medical advice.

Some of the questions we’ve seen, before the blog was reported and taken down, include inquiries for battle-resistant glasses, types of stethoscopes to use on the frontline, how to treat various injuries, recommendations for pulse oximeters, sphygmomanometers, portable thermometers, headtorches, bone injection guns, and other similar types of medical questions.

With Anonymous putting quite a pressure on Twitter, with thousands of hackers and regular users searching and reporting Twitter accounts on a daily basis, the militant group has no alternative but to use more unpopular social networks like Tumblr or Google+.

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