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Circle of 6 is a free app?to?connect with your friends to stay close, stay safe and prevent violence before it happens.

The Circle of 6 app for iPhone and Android makes it quick and easy to reach the 6 friends you choose.

Need help getting home? Need an interruption? Two touches lets your circle know where you are and how they can help.

Icons represent actions; so that no one can tell what you?re up to.

Designed for college students, it?s fast, easy-to-use and private.

It?s the mobile way to look out for your friends, on campus or when you?re out for the night.

Circle of 6?is more than a safety App: it?s a community and a state of mind. It fosters the formation of groups based on trust and accountability and promotes a culture of care, where friends look out for one another and work together to eliminate violence in their communities. Ideally, all of your friends will be part of this culture whether or not you program them into our app. But how do you choose your Circle of 6? Here are some tips:

THINK: Take time when choosing which six friends to add to your Circle. You may be tempted to just add the people you see the most, but think carefully: who is likely to answer your text? Who keeps their phone on and next to their pillow all night, and who turns it off? Who has reliable transportation to pick you up if needed?

KEEP IT LOCAL:?Make sure that most of your Circle lives close by so when you need them they?re just a short trip away.

TALK IT OVER:?You should talk to the people who you want to add to make sure they understand the responsibilities involved. Check out our ?how to help? page for tips and resources for the people in your Circle.

TRUST:?Your Circle should be made up of those people you trust the most and who have proven themselves to be reliable friends.

REVISE:?Remember, you can change who is in your Circle at any time with a few taps.

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After the devastating gang rape and murder of a young woman in New Delhi, we saw Circle of 6 downloads rise sharply. We were motivated to act quickly, and made the decision to localize the app for people living in New Delhi.

Circle of 6 ? New Delhi is programmed for use in both English and Hindi, including a specific translation note for the Hindi that makes the app gender-neutral to ensure that the app speaks to people of all genders and orientations. Hotlines are now pre-programmed for the recently formed 24/7 women?s hotline of New Delhi?and the Jagori advocacy helpline. As a suggested third number, the user is directed to the Lawyer?s Collective if calling the police feels unsafe, which for many women it does.

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